Funding for new platform to bring recovery support to students across the UK

This academic year will see the creation of a brand new platform and curriculum that brings Collegiate Recovery closer to students all over the UK. Read more about this exciting new project, here.

Funded by the Society for the Study of Addiction (SSA), Recovery Connections and steering group from around the UK are building and launching a new platform that will transfer the knowledge and success of Collegiate Recovery in the United States, to all UK Universities. Supported by other project leaders at both The University of Birmingham, and Texas Tech, a website and suite of practical resources will be created and officially launched, in Summer 2024.

Building on the work we’ve already accomplished, since starting the UK’s first Collegiate Recovery Programme (CRP), at Teesside University in 2017, we hope the accessible, user-friendly nature of the new platform will inspire others to follow suit. 

Read more about this exciting new project, on the Recovery Connections website, here.