Join us and start the conversation on student recovery!

HEART is now fully live, and our forum available for fellow students in recovery to access. Read the full article on how to register, engage with the site, and get involved in either the forum or story board.

Welcome along to Higher Education Recovery Talk. Launched by Recovery Connections, as part of the charity's collegiate recovery initiative, this platform will provide a safe space for students in recovery to talk about their journey. At Recovery Connections, everything we do is peer-led - so the platform will be monitored and moderated by other people on the same recovery journey. We are always available to answer questions, put you in touch with useful services, and support you along the way. Read on for information on how to use the platform, from your very first visit.


When you first visit the site, you should see an option in the menu bar, on the bottom left of the screen, called REGISTER ACCOUNT. If you are visiting on a mobile device, click the 'three lines' in the top left of the screen, to locate the drop-down menu, and find the same option.

From here, choose a User Name that you are comfortable with, when using an online forum. You do not need to use your real name here whatsoever, so any variation of it, or a pseudonym , is absolutely fine to use. This will be the name that appears on forum threads and comments.

Alongside a User Name, simply leave your email address, and select a password to use every time you login.

The Forum

Also in the menu, you'll see a tab for the HEART Forum. By clicking here, you can access the area where registered people can talk, ask questions, and interact with our moderators and community members. View the video below for a quick guide on how the Forum works, and how you can get involved.

The Rest of the Website

As you can see, elsewhere on the website, there are plenty of articles, blogs and personal accounts. This is a mixture of content produced by HEART Ambassadors, Recovery Connections staff, and others who work in, or identify with recovery. We'd be happy to share your own stories and experiences on this site, too, so please do get in touch if you'd like to see your own content published on the site.

For publication enquiries, please write to [email protected] , and we'll get back to you as soon as possible with instructions for publishing.

Plus, if you have any other queries about using the platform, write to the same address. We welcome feedback, encourage participation, and want to see as many people able to learn from the site as possible.