Revision tips

When it comes to exam season, or even dissertation writing, everyone has their own unique way of being the most productive. It’s important during periods of stress that you look after yourself too, and we’ve pulled together some tips below to help you out:

1. Get organised

Creating a plan is the first step. You know how you work best, so whether you set timers to concentrate on a task for 30 minutes and allow yourself a 10 minute break, or prefer a more relaxed approach, find what works for you and stick with it. Revision timetables can be helpful if you have a lot to focus on, click here for some great

2. Set manageable goals

 As part of getting organised, you can set yourself manageable goals. We all know that ticking things off a list can be very satisfying, but if the list is too long to begin with then getting to the end of the day with tasks ‘missed’ can be disheartening. Why not set specific tasks within modules to look at for each part of the day, or focus on remembering X amount of key statistics / dates / statements?

3. Shorten your notes

It can be boring to read the same thing over and over again, and eventually you’ll stop taking anything. Condensing revision notes helps you to revise as you’ll be presenting the information you need to remember to yourself in new ways. For some people, using bright coloured pens, highlighters and mind maps can help too.

4. Sleep

It’s hard, we know. The days feel too short to cram everything in and sometimes you find yourself up at 2am still working. Sometimes this can be counterproductive however as a good night's sleep recharges your brain and helps you to remember things more easily.

5. Remove distractions

If you really want to focus between say 1pm - 4pm, why don’t you try temporarily deleting social media from your phone? It’s all too easy to ‘quickly check’ Instagram and an hour later still be scrolling. Failing that, you can set screen time limits on your apps if you have an iPhone.

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