What is addiction?

Addiction in the context of substance overuse is defined as the recurrent use of a substance that leads to impairment or distress.

Addictive substance use behaviour can be defined by the features below:

  • The substance is used in larger amounts or for a longer period of time than intended
  • A desire to cut down on use or unsuccessful efforts to do so
  • Pursuit of the substance or recovery from its use consumes a significant amount of time
  • There is a craving or strong desire to use the substance
  • Use of the substance disrupts other role obligations at work, school or home
  • Use of the substance continues despite the social or interpersonal problems caused
  • Participation in social, work or recreational activities decreases or stops
  • Use occurs in situations where it is physically risky
  • Use continues even if the individual recognises it is causing physical or psychological problems
  • Tolerance occurs – this can be indicated by the need for increased amounts of the substance to achieve the same effect
  • Withdrawal occurs

If you feel that any of the above symptoms describe you, or someone you know, get in touch with us for some advice.

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